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Continuing a family tradition of agricultural sales, Wox Agri Services was formed in 2006.

We are proud to be the UK importers of Güttler GmbH machinery - a relationship which has been in place for over 20 years.

Our experience with a contracting operation using umbilical drag hose equipment to spread slurry has allowed us to develop and manufacture a new range of reelers, hose handler and high capacity pump units which we distribute throughout the UK. These developments are based upon our desire to produce high quality equipment, built to last, which will increase the efficiency of any business involved with slurry, digestate and waste management.

Geoffrey Wox


We are very excited to have launched our Walrus Pump Unit at this years' LAMMA event.

Look on our Wox page for more details.........

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Cereals and The Royal Highland Show
1 Jun

Cereals and The Royal Highland Show

 Cereals, The Welsh Grassland Event and The Highland Show kept us busy in June!  

Scotgrass 2016
11 May

Scotgrass 2016

The GreenMaster and AerMaster on demonstration in Dumfries

Spring is on the way!
7 Mar

Spring is on the way!

Over-seeding gets underway!