A balanced approach to drilling

A 6m Güttler Simplex front press unit with an Alpego grain tank, in conjunction with a 6m power harrow, will give a very balanced unit.

  • Axle loadings greatly improved allowing reduced rear axle loading.
  • When working the unit the press is operated completely in "float"
  • The front press will carry the weight of the hopper and seed giving a firmer structured seedbed
  • The press consolidates in front of the tractor - the tractor does not sink and the power harrow can work shallower as it does not have to remove tractor wheelings.

FACT-every 1cm of soil is approximatley 150 tonnes/ha this means that power utilisation is far better than it would be with the press

  • No steering headstock required on the press due to the neutral effect of the left and right handed placement of the Güttler rings - steering with GPS is achievable with little additional effort
  • Güttler rings available in special cast iron in unique 'split ring design', and lightweight, hard-wearing synthetic material - 50% lighter than cast iron