Installation of Supermaxx 60-5 row

The Guttler range offers a modular design allowing the customer to decide which components suit their need.

The SuperMaxx is no different - the 6m Supermaxx itself is available with tines over 5 or 7 rows with a following harrow, an option to fit an additional harrow, a flatspring paddle unit and/or rear 45 or 33cm diameter synthetic rollers. All components can be retro fitted as required.

In this case, we  installed a 6.0m 5 row Supermaxx tined Cultivator in Bedfordshire. Having previously used a straw rake, this farmer was finding that he required far a greater range of seed bed cultivation than the straw rake would allow. Initially we used the machine without the roller.

Without a rear roller the overall finish leaves a far more open seed bed therefore the SuperMaxx can be used in much wetter conditions and the 'open' finish will allow that seed bed to dry out more effectively as conditions allow.

In this instance, the customer preferred a more level finish and better consolidation of the seed bed so the Rollfix Roller 45 was fitted. The Rollfix 45 is complete with 45cm diameter lightweight synthetic ultra rings and scrapers.

The depth control combination of the Rollfix 45 and the SuperMaxx front gauge wheels gives the operator a far greater range of depth adjustment.  It improves the balance of the machine, the depth can be controlled by the roller alone, by the front gauge wheels alone, or by a combination of the two ensuring perfect consolidation in almost any conditions.

Fitment of a rear harrow unit behind the roller (not used in this instance) will also ensure that volunteer cereals, grass and weeds etc are pulled to the surface to perish. 

The gallery of photographs below show the difference in results between the SuperMaxx with the roller and the SuperMaxx without - the result of fitting the roller in this instance shows a far more level and evenly consolidated bed.