Lightweight Güttler rings make 8m wide front press possible

Our customer contacted us to see if Güttler offered an 8m wide front press option to fit with his lettuce production operations.

Whilst an 8m wide front press was not an 'off the shelf'' item, because of the unique modular design of the Güttler range, we were able to assemble a machine using standard components in a very short space of time.

We assembled 2 rigid 4m roller units fitted with the Güttler 56cm Ø synthetic ultra rings, as well as 2 4m wide rigid tined units. As the unit is always on farm and not transported on the open road, the overall transport height of the machine was not crucial.

The overall weight of the unit is approximately 2.7 tonnes.

Changing from 6m to 8m enabled this customer to significantly increase productivity in this application.