Metcalfe Farms

Metcalfe Farms approached us to supply a pumping unit for slurry and digestate management within their large scale dairy farming and contracting business based in Leyburn, N Yorkshire.

They were looking for us to provide the ability to handle large volumes of material over distances of up to 4500m, with as little physical human effort as possible, whilst handling suction pipes and working on the edges of lagoons and stores.

We were able to offer a complete unit which would enable the operator to seamlessly and remotely operate the engine from start-up, engage the pump and hydraulic charge pump, start the pumping operation, reduce engine speed down to tick over and engage the compressor to blow out the lines with or without sponges all from the tractor seat.

The unique on-line telemetry built into this system allows the operator to carry out and monitor all functions through an in-cab iPad.


With a whole new approach to the current system, and having looked at what we had provided for other clients, a template was set up to provide the following solution:

  1. A move to Volvo engines to match the current legislation within worldwide emission controls with full Ad-Blue system
  2. A fully integrated electronic clutch and flexible drive coupling to the Cornell 4 NHTB pump.
  3. A redesigned hydraulic system to provide drive for the charge pump pit pal for feeding the Cornell pump and also to drive the variable displacement compressor providing up to 400 CFM at the press of a button
  4. A 900l hydraulic tank reservoir with cartridge filter service filter to allow extended drain intervals and easy servicing.
  5. A 1500l diesel tank with bunding and 3" locking caps
  6. An additional electric fuel pump for re-fuelling of other plant
  7. A fully integrated hydraulically driven pressure washer operational whilst pumping is in operation with 250l water tank
  8. A removable canopy with full roller shutter doors for easy access for servicing with internal lighting
  9. Pipework to pump on inlet side 8", output side 6", with return to tank and in line Krohne flowmeter, electronic and manual pressure gauges
  10. Hydraulic priming facility 
  11. Hydraulic oil coolers for compressor and hydraulics.
  12. Hiab lifting crane with 12.0m of reach with pit pal hydraulic charge pump.
  13. Painted finish to the main body of the trailer and galvanised finish to all exposed areas