Over-seeding after manure application

Harrowing and rejuvenation after a  winter application of dairy slurry is hugely beneficial to the grass sward. The Guttler Greenmaster ripper board tines, harrow tines and roller are the perfect combination for opening the capped sward, spreading and incorporating the slurry.

The benefits to the grass sward are immense. 

With the cap broken and the smearing removed will lead to a more even grass growth, by opening the grass sward up the soil warms up, thus allowing the grass to react and grow gaining many days of increased performance 

This action in our experience should be used on any sward after application of manures. It also allows for the manure to be spread and any spillages/overspread are then dealt with and don't end up back in the silage clamp!

It is not always necessary to oversee at the same time as soil temperatures in the spring can be deceiving, they really need to be from 5 degrees and rising to achieve a satisfactory result.