• Replacement Rollers

Duplex Ø56

Duplex Ø56


Güttler replacement rollers can be supplied in any width to suit and in the following ways:

  • As a roller in a frame complete with scrapers. Brackets and clamps will be supplied to clamp the roller to your existing machine
  • As rings mounted onto a shaft ready to slot in to existing framework
  • As rings, shafts and scraper units mounted into bespoke brackets that will bolt on to existing machinery

All Güttler rollers supplied within Güttler framework benefit from the modular Güttler design - addition of a headstock will transform the roller into a front press unit.


Duplex Ø56

Special brackets to mount to your existing machine

Duplex prisma roller in synthetic or special cast

Locking nuts

Comes in a number of working widths