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Invader Pump Units

A bespoke range of high capacity pumping units to meet the individual need and requirement

Invader Pump Units


Bespoke pumping units designed to suit the individual need

After spreading slurry within our own contracting business for more than 20 years, we have been able to use our knowledge to supply and develop new high performance pumping units.

With slurry management in our minds, we headed to the USA in 2009 to investigate large scale slurry managment for ourselves.

Applying this knowledge to suit the UK market was crucial. We offer new units made up of only new components, not reconditioned machinery.

All of our engine driven sets are fitted with a Cornell pump, fully integrated hydraulically driven compressor, electronically actuated clutch, pressure washer, fuel tanks and full internet based telemetry.


Invader Pump Units

Fully integrated charge pump

Integrated jetter kit

Fully integrated pump arm with 360 slewing facility

Volvo engine coupled to electronic clutch with Cornell pump

Fully integrated 400 cfm compressor unit hydraulically driven

Fully adjustable jack legs for deployment of pump arm

1500 ltr deisel tank

900 ltr hydraulic oil tank