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Scarab Front Tank

Blackwater holding tank for management of slurry on headlands and turns

Scarab Front Tank


Blackwater holding tank for slurry and digestate management

The Wox Scarab Blackwater front holding tank is designed to hold and redistribute the correct volume of manure / digestate whilst turning at butts, headlands and obstacles. To prevent overspreading and pooling, the holding tank stores the liquid and begins distribution again after the turn.

Uneven crop growth is attributed to excessive and uneven manure application. Our Scarab tank facilitates the great increase in demand to ensure quality control in these areas of manure / digestate application.

The flow from the tank ensures the correct quantity of manure / digestate is consistently and accurately applied throughout the operation, therefore eliminating loss of income to the contractor and expense and waste of unquantifiable material.

The financial value of manure and digestate should never be under-estimated or abused at any time. After all, you would alway shut a fertilizer spreader off at the headlands!


  • Capacity - 2m³ manure / digestate
  • PD pump - to pump material back into line after manouvering has been made
  • Hydraulic requirements - 2DA 
  • Hydraulic pump pressure gauge
  • Slurry line pressure gauge 
  • Overfill protection
  • Level gauge
  • Optional in cab empty tank level indication
  • Full road lighting and 3 point hitch
  • various pipe work kits available to facilitate most tractor makes


Scarab Front Tank

2 cubic metre carrying capacity

Front LED worklights

Over flow pipe, fully integrated rotary load pump to feed material back into the line.

Pressure gauge monitoring output flow.

Parking support stands when not in use

Pipe work kits for all models of tractors