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Tempest Mounted Reeler

A heavy duty capacity reeler with unique integrated motor design

Tempest Mounted Reeler


A heavy duty front or rear mounted reeler designed to maximise storage, efficiency and life of pipe

Designed by operators for operators, the reeler offers unique handling ability for laying out and pipe retrieval

  • variable capacity of up to 1200m on 6" pipe (standard model 800m 6")
  • variable width from 1.8m to 2.5m (standard model 2.1m)
  • integrated motor drive to maximise storage on the bobbin
  • vertical and horizontal guide reels to guide and manage pipe through tight spaces, gateways and corners - pipe can be reeled in and out without breaking couplings
  • Gentle hose handling with maximise the lifetime of the pipe
  • Weight 920kg (2.1m reeler)


Tempest Mounted Reeler

Fully integrated control rollers to manage pipe when winding in

LED work lights

Fully integrated gearbox and hydraulic drive

front bash bar to prevent couplings hitting bonnets of tractors

Capacity from 800 to 1200 metres of 6" pipe

Galvanised steel framework