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Typhoon Trailed Reeler

A heavy duty reeler with unique integrated motor system and hydraulic stinger

Typhoon Trailed Reeler


When there's just too much to handle.....

Designed to carry up to 3,000m of pipe, this heavy duty trailed reeler is fitted with an internal variable displacement motor and gearbox drive line for speedy deployment and rewinding of pipe, and a hydraulic stinger for ultimate control.

  • Carrying capacity of up to 3000m 6" pipe (2000m standard size)
  • Gives the ability to unreel all pipe without stoppages
  • Can pull in up to 600m (3 x 200m + couplings) at any one time
  • Hydraulic stinger feeds pipe evenly on to the reel
  • Stinger guides pipe when laying out on to tracks and roadsides
  • Opportunity to fit spacer lane if required
  • Standard wheel size 600/50x22.5 10 stud with braked axles
  • Weight 6450kg (complete with 2000m 6" pipe and couplings)


Typhoon Trailed Reeler

Carrying capacity of up to 3,000m of 6" pipe

The internally mounted gearbox drive line coupled to the variable displacement motor gives unrivalled deployment speed of pipe and unparalleled rewinding capacity

Hydraulic stinger arm allows complete control of pipe for both laying out and rewinding

Air brakes and 600/50 R22.5 wheels on 10 stud axles as standard

Full road lighting, work lights and viewing camera as standard

Rear tow bar

Tech specs

3,000m 6" Pipe
Transport Width
Unladen Weight
Laden Weight