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Viper Hose Handler

Pipe handling made easy!

Viper Hose Handler


Don't get yourself in a knot .......

The Viper hose handler makes moving and laying pipe a doddle - reducing time and pipe wear. A 'wheel' winner!


  • Large diameter wheel - capable of handling pipe up to 6" Ø
  • A braked drum allows full wheel control - pipe can be released, grabbed, pushed and pulled controlled by the operator
  • Heavy duty, robust design to handle heavy working loads
  • 90º folding headstock design allows tractor pick-up hitch to be utilised during transport
  • Mounting point for Wox Hose Pinch
  • Safety features - Hydraulic adjustable check valve and road transport lock



Viper Hose Handler

Large diameter wheel to handle pipe up to 6" diameter

Braked drum for full wheel control

90º 'fold-up' headstock for transport complete with safety lock

Hydraulic check valve and mechanical road transport lock

Mounting point for Wox Hose Pinch

Tech specs

48 tonnes
Transport Height (from lower link at 900mm)