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Walrus PTO Pump Unit

A PTO driven unit with exceptional pumping capacity and performance

Walrus PTO Pump Unit


A PTO driven pump unit offering impressive flowrates, efficiency and reliability

After a considerable amount of research into the requirements of drag hose contractors, we have developed the first unit with a directly driven gearbox connection to the Cornell 4NHTB pump. This allows for greater work scope for operators with tractors from 180-325 HP to drive this very famous, efficient and reliable pump as well as many other substantial benefits.

The unit features a 20 Spline 1¾” PTO drive – while not using the integrated hydraulic system of the pump, a 180hp tractor will comfortably drive the unit allowing attractive flow rates to be achieved.

The Walrus Feeder Arm allows an overall reach of around 9.0m from the rear linkage of the tractor. In addition this can be increased by a range of different pipe lengths by around another 5.0m where conditions allow. This is able to take place as there is a hydraulically driven primer pump which can be operated to lift material up to the pit pal charge pump this then can be forced up to the main pump.

Engaging the pumps’ own hydraulic system will drive the integrated charge pump which will allow the Cornell pump to operate to maximum potential and efficiency. A recommended minimum of 200 hp (and maximum of 325hp), the pump plus charge pump removes any potential priming, cavitation or ‘run dry’ issues.

The tractor hydraulics are by no means redundant, they are used to:

a) lower and lift the main arm, rotating it as required to both above and below ground applications,

b) operate the in-built jetter in 2 planes, more or less through 360º.

c)  operate the primer pump

d) operate the in-built pressure washer

Pipe work for the unit is fully integrated to allow for many different requirements. (Drag hose work is never straight forward!!) These include a stage pumping facility, a direct feeding to the main pump, and a recirculation of material (jetting).

 Monitoring of fluids is taken care of with a Krohne flow meter and a pressure gauge on the output pipe work.

 16 Bar rated valves, along with 5” pipework, manages all of the fluids safely, and there is a sponge/pig launcher to complete the unit when finishing off pumping or blowing out.

 A painted/galvanised finish compliments the unit.

 Weight 3600kg

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Walrus PTO Pump Unit

125 ltr in built water tank with fully integrated hydraulic pressure washer

PTO driven pumps with fully integrated hydraulic system

Fully integrated hydraulic charge pump

Choice of pumps Cornell, Doda, Bauer

Hydraulic folding arm with 360 rotator

Fully integrated jetter and mixer

Recirculation input and output pipe work controlled and operated with pneumatically controlled slice valves with additional remote control for operation

Additional suction pipes as required (2 x 3 metres)